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About us

We love challenges, solving problems and finding eco-friendly individual solutions in the fields of electrical engineering, software solutions and virtual reality in our freetime.

Our Services

Electrical Engineering

  • Building electricity
  • Automatic control engineering
  • Alarm- and video-surveillance

Software Solutions

  • Web applications
  • Scripting
  • Visualizations

Virtual Visions

  • Virtual galeries
  • Virtual presentation
  • Games

The Team


Christoph Weninger

  • Controls electrical power and signals
  • Calculates and measures things
  • Programms stuff
  • Analyzes problems

David Klostermann

  • Models and designs things
  • Programms stuff
  • Organizes mess
  • Openly communicates everything


i-AKW | VR-Gallery

In times of Covid-19 many people struggle to stay motivated.
This is what the iAKW (internationale Akademie der K√ľnste Wien) also noticed, and launched a project corona.bedingt for artists where they could submit their work based off a poem by Paul Celan: "Corona".
Due to Covid-19 restrictions they couldn't just host a gallery, but instead asked us to make a virtual one with Mozilla Hubs.

It was a great chance to get our first real use-case VR-project done.
Together with the initiators we planned how the look and feel of the gallery should look like.
By creating 3D assets, arranging the objects, and by learning and respecting the limits of Mozilla Hubs, we where responsible for the technical realization of the gallery.

Zombie Tactics | Game

Games always had some special place in our hearts.
We like to play them, but also have a great interest in how they are made.

With some background in common game engines like unreal4 and unity, we wanted to try something new and opted in for the Godot Game Engine.
As a testing project we created this one-level top-down-shooter:
Zombie Tactics

The plot we had in mind: After a zombie apocalypse, some zombies are actually slowly returning to their former human form. Also their need for normal food comes back, but the military holds the stock. One zombie makes its way to get some food, while defending itself from enemy forces.


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